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6626 Waters Edge Way, Lakewood Ranch, FL| Phone: 941-907-3704 |Fax: 484.731.0748 r.a.work@att.net

* Consultant and adviser in digital printing with specific emphasis on ink jet printing.
* Expert witness services in ink jet technology
* Broker of digital imaging products from P. R. China.
* Consulting areas include the applications, markets, and technologies related to all types of ink jet printing.
* Adviser to:
    - Ink Jet Supplies Direct Sales Company
    - OEM and Distributor Ink Jet Supplies Sales Company
    - Digital and Analog  Textile  Dyeing and Printing  Technology Company
    - Commercial Digital Production Printing Company

* Managing Member Ametrix Digital Technology LLC.

* Speaker at Tiara Group, DPI/SGIA, IS&T, IMI, DIMA, DPP, Recharger Magazine, Carbon Black, Tiara conferences
* Member Academy of Screen and Digital Printing Technologies 


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