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* Recognized International authority on ink jet inks, ink jet media and ink jet printing technology, markets and applications.
* Conference and symposium speaker in the US, Europe and Asia
* Published world wide and frequently quoted.
* Listed inventor 6 US Patents
* BIS Strategic Decisions Founders Award (1993) for the development of the first commercial black pigmented ink jet ink for office printers sold by Hewlett Packard.
* DuPont Corporate Marketing Excellence Recognition (2) for creation of a ink jet print head fabrication materials business for DuPont in 1992 and for initiating and leading the development of DuPont's ink jet inks business in 1995.
* More than 28 years in Research, Research Management, Business Development and Business Management experience at DuPont.
* Holds PhD degree in Physical Inorganic Chemistry from the University of New Orleans 1971; BS degree in Chemistry, Auburn University, Auburn, AL 1966; Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Chemistry at the University of Hawaii(Manoa) 1971-2
* Published more than 75 technical papers and articles. 
* Founded Work Associates, Inc. in 2000
* Retired from DuPont June 2001
* Advisor to S One Holding (www.sone.com)
* Coordinates the implimentation of state of the art technologies in low cost, first world quality Asian manufacturing.
* Coordinates sourcing of Asia produced products for Global Distribution.
* Managing Member Ametrix Digital Technology LLC in 2013.


Dr. Ray A. Work, III
Dr. Work is a consultant and a highly respected authority on ink jet.
You may contact Dr. Work directly at r.a.work@att.net