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  • US Patents awarded that included Dr. Work as an inventor.

Sign and Digital Graphics Articles - Archives


Finishing! How Does it Affect Ink Jet Photo Prints?
This article with Edwin Iracki discusses the use of Tedlar(R) overlaminating films on digital photographs.
Presentation at the IS&T NIP Conference

Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular Spectroscopy Volume 29, Issue 7, July 1973, Pages 1547-1554

 A presentation at the The Paper's Abstract of The 3rd International Conference on Imaging Science and Hardcopy Chongqing China
Dye and Pigment Ink Jet Image Stability and Permanence
A paper with co-author Russel Brown of DuPont presented to the IS&T NIP Conference
A presentation at the DPP Conference in Amsterdam.

US Patent # 5,984,467 Ink Jet Media

US Patent # 4,181,528 Subbing composition comprising treated gelatin-polyester-aziridine material for adhering emulsion to photographic film base

US Patent # 5,429,860 Reactive Media-Ink System for Ink Jet Printing

US Patent #5,537,137 Reactive Media-Ink System for Ink Jet Printing

US Patent # 5,192,613 Electrographic Recording Element with Reduced Humidity Sensitivity